Batik Pearl Collection of product Indonesia in Europe
Batik Pearl Collection of product Indonesia in Europe
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About us

Batik Pearl is the onlineshop's name of Bandung Trading vof, a Dutch based company and we provide the most ethnic, natural and some hand-made, beautiful and high-quality products. 

This onlineshop is managed by us as an Indonesian family, who has experienced International Trade since 2011.

Since 2011 we have been active in the selling of products made in Indonesia . We also  have been participating several Pasar Malams in The Netherlands as Pasar Malam Indonesia( organised by the Indonesian Embassy in the Netherlands) , Tong Tong Fair, Pandora, Pasar Malam Istimewa (Dordrecht), Pasar Malam Rijswijk and many others through out the Netherlands. 

As we would to introduce you to Ethnic products from Indonesia, such as Batik clothes, products made of Rattan or Ceramics and other Accessories. 

So please enjoy to shop at our onlineshop BATIK PEARL.